Technotech Ultra-Slim 2.4G Mini Wireless Keyboard (White)


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Technotech 2.4G Wireless Keyboard wireless sleek delivers comfort and convenience from palm to fingers – all without compromising on features for each. This keyboard has consummately integrated an ultra sleek keyboard and a wireless USB receiver into just one compact yet versatile unit which can be used to operate with smart TVs Android boxes media players desktop computers laptops or any other HID-compatible USB devices. Cord-free connections the unified nano receiver makes your desks and devices from chaos.

Reliable 2.4G wireless transmission guarantees least interference. Unified nano receiver occupies minimum space saving more precious USB ports. One-step plug-and-play setup.

Spill-resistant sleek keyboard design prevents from any accidental spills. Accurate scissor-key mechanical structure distributes pressure on the keys evenly making every keystroke natural smooth and correct.

? Brand: Technotech
? 2.4G Wireless Keyboard
? Interface: USB 2.0
? Plug-and-play
? Connectivity: 2.4G Wireless
? Operation Distance: 10m
? Battery Type : 2 AAA Batteries (not included)

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Dimensions 40 × 16 × 9 cm


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