Technotech 15 Pin VGA Male to 2 VGA Female Y Splitter Cable SVGA Monitor Adapter Extension Converter Cable Lead for PC TV

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  • VGA Male to 2 VGA Female Y Splitter Wire Cord
  • High purity copper wire core with precision stranded wire structure.The wire using multiple twin impedance matching process, minimize signal cross interference, ensure the signal error free transmission
  • Modularization stress relieving structure, preventing cable bending damage, easy to move flexibly. 25% special shielded aluminum foil is used for the stranded wire, and the outer layer is shielded with high density tin plated copper.
  • Applications: 1. HD-DVD, Blue-ray DVD. 2. Game Machines: for Sony Plays. 3. LCD TVs, Plasma Display. 4. Rear Projection Microdisplays. 5. Hi-def DVD Payers. 6. A/V Receivers. 7. Digital Television.


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