Fengjie VGA 4 Ports Video Splitter By Technotech


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? 4 Port VGA Splitter
? A Splitter-splitter is used to connect a single CPU to multiple monitors.
? The device enables the user to Splitter amongst various monitors through easy Splittering option
? This splitter is provided with four ports and is the perfect choice for connecting one CPU with four monitors.
? This VGA splitter is plug and play splitter that requires no initial set-up and can be easily connected without any external power source.
? This CE certified VGA splitter offers 1920X1080 resolution for better image quality.
? 4 Port VGA Splitter – Connect Two Monitors to 1 CPU
? The splitter is the ideal choice when you want to connect single CPU with multiple monitors at home or at office

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Dimensions 26 × 19 × 6 cm


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